2016 New Style Electric 4DM Cinema Seat 4D Theater Chair

2016 New Style Electric 4DM Cinema Seat 4D Theater Chair

    4DM cinema is a new experience to subvert the traditional way of viewing simple. with advanced technology to lead the audience from the viewer as a participant in the movie role. The experience  of audience every time in the 4DM cinema is a unique journey.


The Seat Movement of 4DM Cinema


Technology of 4D integrated into the dynamic movement plot perfectly, 4DM motion chair expansion of all possible actions unlimited , make audience be personally on the scene greatly.

4DM motion chair can accurately simulate forward, backward, left-wing, right-wing, falls, bumps, hair, spray, sweep the leg, pushed back, and others. you will have a experience of effects when the film the show scenario, When the movie show the car turning left or right, the chair will turn left or right; When the movie show the car falling down from the cliff, the chair will rapid downward, producing a sense of weightlessness. When the movie show generated brakes, chair will make the appropriate action. 4DM can be simulated and fully sync! 4DM can take viewers on immersive.

Left- Right Rock   Bend Forward 

Chair Special Effects



Leg Sweep


Push Back

Spray Air And Water


Electric Technology Comparison

Electronic Chair: Application of servo-electric system that uses the mains supply of 220V, zero maintenance costs, control accuracy, precision control, low noise, movement feels smooth, compared to pneumatic maintenance costs and fewer trips to the space restrictions of the air compressor, reducing oil emissions pollution truly green appliance concept.


Chair Technical Feature

Seat Occupancy Recognition Function

No spectators ride seat will not generate action and special effects. Effective savings in operating costs and avoid unnecessary mechanical wear. While the automatic viewing trips automatic counting, provide data to owner-operators for reference.


Seat vibration effects use low-frequency vibration, input low-frequency sound sources and achieve vibration, non-threatening to humans; leather seat surfaces and sponge matrix through flame test.

Completely Eliminate Motion Radial Force

No radial force mechanical design greatly enhanced the job stability of the seat of key components, to protect and prolong its service life; completely eliminates the primary failure risks, so that the owner no worries.

No Mechanical Moving Abnormal Noise

Mechanical structure use optimized mechanical design, movement joint use Imported fish eye with no oil-bearing copper sleeve; a key part of the movement, Adopt wear-resistant nylon eliminate friction noise

Automatic Diagnostic Techniques

Without removing any parts, diagnostics, fault location, to provide data for after-sales maintenance

Seiko Manufacturing

Seat base line cutting and welding steel using high-precision machining, silk as the unit of measurement error.

4DM Chair Characteristic


Model SQ-MA-03E SQ-MA-04E
Forward-Back Leaning ± 11°  ± 11°
Movement from left to right ± 5° ± 5°
Vibration rate 12HZ 12HZ 
Size ( L x W x H ) mm 1755 x 740 x 1350  2380 x 830 x 1330
Array distance ≥1400mm  ≥1400mm
Line distance ≥300mm  ≥300mm
Capacity 3 people(450kg)  4 people(600kg)

With infrared sensor function; with automatic diagnostic function; with automatic counting function; completely eliminate motion radial force; completely eliminate mechanical movement abnormal sound.



Dimension: 2240x800x1350mm   Prototype armrest center distance: 560mm
Prototype seat cushion depth: 460mm   Prototype chair height: 1050mm
Min array pitch: ≥1250mm    Min row pitch: ≥150mm



Warranty And Service

Equipment warranty 1-year period in terms of quality due to their own fault really major damage and accidents caused by standstill, the company promised timely replacement or repair, while the quality of the equipment warranty extended from trimmed; quality warranty period, should be timely systems and equipment failure repairs (including emergency repair), defective equipment and parts repaired or replaced free of charge. For systems and equipment for routine maintenance at least twice a year. Provide customer service hotline, if the project problems, our technical staff will answer your emergency calls and take the necessary measures to reduce downtime.

Providing software quality warranty period for free upgrades.
After quality warranty expires, the company guarantee to provide spare parts at a reasonable price or consumable parts and maintenance services. When a device fails, the company should be the same quality and warranty requirements for maintenance treatment.

Service Guarantee Contact and response time:  Telephone Response: 24 hours Tel: 020-34885536 Site response: assistance can not solve the problem by telephone communication and remote, warranty team will fly to the scene to solve technical staff at customer request.



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